Children between two to seven years of age can learn things more rapidly than adults. That’s why their early childhood should be planned in such a way that maximum knowledge should be imprinted on their memory. We at SREE ASHVATTHA believe in laying stronger foundations when it comes to education and character building so that your kid will stand tall in the sea of competition out in the real world. SREE ASHVATTHA employs a unique four-stage schooling process for a seamless upbuild of knowledge in an ascending manner. While the stages PLAYGROUP, NURSERY, LOWER KINDERGARTEN, and UPPER KINDERGARTEN follows our own research-based curriculum, GRADES 1-3 follow the CBSE pattern. The school is When our result-oriented teaching style combines with Inquiry-Based learning regimen, extra-curricular activities and life & personality building skills, even sky can’t pose a limit to your kid’s all-round development.

We have categorized the learning stages at SREE ASHVATTHA into two thoughtful and result-oriented categories namely ANANDA and JIGNASA.


Gone are the days of just reading, writing, and doing arithmetic! The process of education has come a long way from just confined to classrooms and syllabus books. Today the true achievers are those who master the skills of life. To make students market-ready and get handpicked in a sea of competition by employers, SREE ASHVATTHA designed a meticulous mechanism that inculcates 21 st  CENTURY SKILLS into the kids seamlessly.


Every problem can’t have a solution in the syllabus book and we make our students learn this fact at a very early stage. This makes them look beyond the classroom and with our able guidance and specialized strategies, your child would emerge as a critical thinker who devises innovative solutions to the problems of the real world.


Creativity is a skill that is impossible to be taught. This inherent virtue in the little mindsshould be ignited by exposing kids to various art forms and scientific endeavors. At SREE ASHVATTHA, we open various avenues to our students so that they can select, create, excel and finally make a mark of their own in their field of interest.


How many of you know that majority of IIT graduates lack communication skills? Communicating effectively plays a major role in securing a stellar career and we make sure that the students of SREE ASHVATTHA learn top-notch communication skills. Our scientifically devised communication workshops, stage-plays, and debate competitions remove stage fear in the kids and thereby transform them into good orators.


Great things are always achieved by collective efforts. Collaboration is key to advancement and all our students are taught the importance of brotherhood and the skill to associate with others right from the first day. This way, ‘I’ will take a backstep, and ‘We’ comes to the centerstage. It will make the graduates of SREE ASHVATTHA the top- most team players in the future.


We strongly believe that the game of chess depicts life so closely than any other recreational activity. Apart from providing that much-needed relaxation for the little minds, chess teaches them to overcome obstacles that life throws at them. We have an MoU with an eminent Chess Academy that enables us to use the services of prominent chess players to teach our little gems.

Who knows?.. Your kid may be the next Grand Master!


Bid adieu to teacher-centered learning!

SREE ASHVATTHA opens doors to the very unique and effective Learner-Centered Pedagogy that will change the entire focus of teaching methods from teachers to students. This transforms the rather boring one-way channel of communication into an exciting two-way interactive format that benefits the student community.
By employing Learner-Centered Pedagogy, each student is treated as an entity with a unique IQ level and given the freedom to chose his desired learning process. Teachers acting as facilitators would put him in the center and deliver knowledge based on the student's needs and expectations. This helps students to set their individual goals and grow in the desired direction swiftly.

The main ingredients of our Learner-Centered Pedagogy include

Experiential Learning

Inspiring Educators

Collaborative Learning

Activity Based Learning​

Experiential Learning





Welcome to the joyful world of SREE ASHVATTHA DAYCARE where your tiny tots are treated like majesty. Establishing a daycare, meeting the requirements of parents, maintaining the hygiene and safety standards, and monitoring the staff who deliver the services is an altogether different ballgame.

Five years of experience in handling highly successful daycare centers in Matru Sri Nagar and Nanakramguda made us the torch bearers of child safety in the whole twin-cities. Our Day Care center boasts a spacious, safe and hygienic infrastructure that keeps your toddler occupied with nothing but bliss.

A Day Care is more than what meets the eye. Every inch of it must be safe and secure as parents leave their children with us and we must never let the little ones miss them. While our flooring was fully secured with protective matting to safeguard children while playing, the premises are thoroughly disinfected and the play paraphernalia we got is sourced from all over the world.

Food plays a vital role in developing a kid’s strength and mental stability. We use organic vegetables and fruits that are highly nutritious and chemical-free to satisfy the palate cravings of your little prince/princess.


The support mechanism is a predominant factor in maintaining the academic health and comprehensive growth of a student. All our faculty are well-trained in handling counseling activities that promote students’ concentration overstudies and emotional well-being.

Our specialized one-on-one counseling sessions in the presence of parents achieved remarkable results when it comes to improving students with concentration and memory issues. Our counseling and assessing mechanism not only validate a child’s performance in academics but also reveals his overall personality and implements the changes that need to be done to make him/her successful.

We strongly advocate the parents about exerting efforts in unison with the school in order to transform their child into a gem of an individual. Regular meetings about the child’s performance in studies and overall behavior in the premises are an ongoing task at SREE ASHVATTHA.